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This is a character from Farscape, played by Claudia Black. Officer Aeryn Sun looks human but she is really a Peacekeeper soldier, mercenary really, from the Sebacean race. The episodes have interestingly moved slowly through making her more human - less aggressive and more in touch with gentler emotions, while pulling John Crichton more towards a Peacekeeper attitude. Aeryn has been my favorite character. The season 2 finale "Die Me Dichotomy" ended up with her dead, which had me in shock. The funeral included a nice Delvian prayer delivered by Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan which was rather moving:
The goddess graciously receives to her bosom all those that pass from this existence, regardless of faith or belief.
She holds, however, a special place for those who travel this life as a journey.
Aeryn Sun will surely harvest favor. Her life was a series of strides toward enlightenment. Casting off the chains of prejudice and hatred, reaching beyond violence and bigotry, she sought a balance of lasting inner peace. In her name --
May the goddess receive you with charity.
May the goddess sanctify your spirit.
May the goddess purify your soul.
May the goddess always recite your name on the whispers of the wind.
The scifi.com website also has a pretty good aria for download, as an mp3, as Aeryn's funeral theme.

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