A novel (albeit a short one) by Elf Sternberg, and a character in it. He says it's:
Swords, sorcery, and sex-- not necessarily in that order.

A brief synopsis: Aimee is a young woman who is gifted in the sexual magics. She's being taught by another gifted sex magic teacher, who is gay; abused by an evil magician with a pact with demons; and taught about the more practical matters by an old whore.

Whilst it doesn't exactly have an enormously strong plot, it holds more water than most of this genre, and takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of most aspects of sex and sexuality, including the more repulsive aspects as well - both those generally regarded as completely wrong, and those which some may dislike personally. (If you can imagine it, it's probably in here...)

Whilst I feel that it's a great book with an incredibly liberal copying policy, I feel that it's probably less than suitable for someone who could stumble upon it on the Random Node or the search engine: so you'll want to go to the below URL to read it.


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