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A super-hero created by Mort Weisinger and Lee Harris for DC Comics. Air Wave first appeared in Detective Comics #60 in February 1942.

Air Wave was actually a district attorney named Lawrence "Larry" Jordan. When Jordan was a high school student, he helped the police bring in a criminal by using a tape recorder and a special radio receiver that could bounce radio waves off any smooth metal surface. Larry perfected the equipment over the years and used it in his costumed identity of Air Wave. His other equipment included a radio-equipped helmet and a pair of roller skates that were specially designed to allow him to ride telephone, electrical, or trolley car cables, making him a contender for the super-hero with the lamest mode of transportation.

Jordan fought crime for many years as Air Wave. He was one of the original members of the All-Star Squadron. He was aided by his pet parrot Static and with a cheesy, fake moustache which he used like Clark Kent's glasses to disguise his secret identity. One can imagine that when presented with a crime, the scene went something like this:

Air Wave: This looks like a job for...riiipppp... Owwww!

Jordan eventually married and hung up his roller skates. He was killed defending his wife and young son, Harold, from a criminal who broke into their home. His wife Helen donned Jordan's costume to bring his killer to justice.

Harold, or Hal, eventually followed in his father's foot steps, becoming the next Air Wave. Unlike his father, Harold used a modified version of his father's helmet to actually turn into radio waves. Later, his abilities expanded to allow him to turn into all types of electro-magnetic radiation and he changed his name to Maser.

Larry Jordan was part of a larger family. His brother had three sons, one of which was Hal Jordan, the famous member of the Green Lantern Corps. Harold Jordan was named in his honor.

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