Al-Thawra is a state-controlled Iraqi* daily newspaper. It is published by Al-Wahda, an Arabic printing establishment. The paper was first published June 1, 1963, shortly after the Baath party siezed control of the Iraqi government. Al-Wahda also publishes various local Syrian newspapers, namely: Al-Jamaheer (Aleppo), Al-Orouba (Homs), Al-Fidaa (Hama), and Al-Wahda (Lattakia).

The paper is published online at, in English and French; the English version is largely unmaintained. Articles tend to contain phrases like "the Zionist threat". Al-Thawra refers to the U.S. president as "Little Bush." The paper occasionally makes point in a reasonable manner; however, its facts are invariably based on the state information wire. Al-Thawra steadfastly denies the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and claims that America's only motive is a desire to dominate Iraq's oil production.

The Iraqi state press has many other branches; 13 television stations, more than 50 radio stations, and innumerable other newspapers.

* Say what you will about Iraq, but "Iraqi" is a rocking word. Ih-RAK-EE. It just rolls off the tongue.

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