From 1997 to 2001, the Press Secretary to Tony Blair (Prime Minister of the UK from 1997). As Press Secretary, Campbell was officially a Civil Servant, however he is acknowledged as the most prominent of a 'new breed'. In the UK Civil Servants are supposed to be Neutral and Anonymous. Alastair, along with about 30 other similar people employed by the Labour Government are clearly not Neutral as they are members of the Labour party and have a role in the Government.

Political Press Secretaries are not an entirely new thing, but Campbell has been the most public in British politics to date. He is, of course, unelected and unaccountable and therefore undemocratic. These factors, along with others, and his calling most of the UK's schools 'Bog Standard Comprehensives', make him substantially unpopular with almost everyone - politicians, media and public. Campbell is also a figure of fun, and his relationship with Blair has been satirised brilliantly in the 2001 series of the political impressions/sketch show Bremner, Bird and Fortune.

After the June 7th 2001 General Election here in the UK, Campbell is to change jobs to something along the lines of Head of Communications for the Labour Party. This is a more traditional roll, and does not mean being a member of the Civil Service.

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