Albany is a city in Oregon. It is located in the Willamette Valley, between Salem and Corvallis. It is the county seat and largest city in Linn County. Reportedly has a fine collection of historic architecture.

Albany, Oregon is a small city located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. It is also the county seat and only large city in Linn County. Of the major cities that make up the Portland to Eugene corridor, on either I-5 or The Willamette River, Albany is the smallest. It is also not very large of a city, even by Oregon standards. If it were located in the Portland area, it would only be a medium suburb, but since it is a little south of Salem in an otherwise unoccupied area, it is a town in its own right.

The most notable thing about Albany is that while much of Oregon has moved away from its founding in natural resources, Albany still maintains a base around lumber and its processing. The town also feels more rural and traditional than surrounding towns, especially its twin city of Corvallis.

All of that being said, and with the understanding that Albany is in some ways an interesting step back into Oregon's recent past, it is not that interesting of a place to visit. While it does have a nice downtown, it is somewhat of a grimy industrial town with too much sprawl around it. It also, due to a wood products plant just outside of town, has a persistent, strong odor. But Albany is still an interesting town to visit, especially if you have exhausted the more tourist friendly spots of the Willamette Valley.

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