Remember the episode of The Simpsons, where Homer stumbles upon a plot to move the local baseball team, the Springfield Isotopes, to Albuquerque? Well, there is a real baseball team called the Albuquerque Isotopes! They are a minor league baseball team in (you guessed it) Albuquerque, New Mexico! When the team formally called the Calgary Cannons and before that the Salt Lake City Gulls moved to town in 2002, fans were asked to vote on which name they liked the best, with the Isotopes getting 67% of the vote.

Not only is the name a reference to The Simpsons, it's also a reference to the area near Albuquerque, where many nuclear testing facilities are located. The team has proved popular with locals, baseball fans, and Simpsons fans, even before they played their game and selling more merchandise than any other minor league team, including Albuquerque's previous team, The Dukes (now known as the Portland Beavers). The team plays at Isotopes Park and their major league affiliate has been the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2009, before that it was the Florida Marlins.

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