AAA-level baseball minor league. The PCL was originally the only source of baseball in the U.S. West, so it had a higher level of play than other AAA leagues in the first half of the 20th century (some baseball historians argue that it was closer to "major" status than the Federal League or the 1880s American Association). The PCL settled as a West Coast-based minor league, as baseball expanded to cover many of its original cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Phoenix. It took on a large Midwestern contingent in 1998 when the American Association dissolved and donated 5 of its teams (Iowa, Omaha, New Orleans, Nashville and Oklahoma) to the PCL (the other three went to the International League).

The 16 teams are divided into 2 conferences and 4 divisions: West and South in the Pacific Conference and East and Central in the American Conference. The playoffs feature divisional champions only; the semifinals serve as a conference championship round, then the conference champions meet for the league championship and the right to advance to the Triple-A World Series against the International League champion.

Divisions and teams:

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