Self-proclaimed genius who runs the site He claims to have built two immortality devices, the "eternal life ring" and the "eternal life foot brace".

Uses the clever slogan:

Popularized by The Stile Project (Stile mocked him relentlessly for a week), he compares himself to the likes of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein. These people, like him, were once laughed and scorned at, but one day, Alex Chiu will be the leader of the free world!

(He also published his theory on how to build a teleportation machine. "Not yet built or tested.")

Actually it was popularized on The Daily Show with a special report from Steven Colbert iirc. This was before The Stile Project even existed. I remember because A) He lived with his non-english speaking mother, who Colbert interviewed to the amusement of all and B) During one of his explanations of his devices, it just cut to a picture of a small dog doing back flips while circus music played in the background. Crazy Daily Show. Anything for a laugh.

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