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The following is a full transcript of the acceptance speech given by Alfred Hitchcock during the 1967 Academy Awards when he was presented with the prestigious and awe-inspiring Irving G. Thalberg Award. The transcript is provided in its entirety with absolutely no censorship whatsoever. We would like to caution that if there are small children about, or if you happen to have a pacemaker, or are pregnant, you might wish to go no further as the following has been known to cause cancer in laboratory rats.

"Thank you."

The significance of this is that Mr. Hitchcock's acceptance speech is seen as the most brief, concise, tasteful, poignant, proper, deliberate, and dignified acceptance speech ever in the seventy-five plus year history of the Academy Awards, aka The Oscars. The reason why this is significant, is because the majority of acceptance speeches during the Oscars really suck. I really wish someone would come up with a list of Things to consider when preparing an acceptance speech.

Other speeches noded in E2 with which to compare:

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