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Kofi Annan


Jello Biafra


George W. Bush

Robert Byrd

James Cameron

Jimmy Carter

Fidel Castro

Neville Chamberlain

Winston Churchill

Robin Cook

Mario Cuomo

Edward VIII

Dwight D. Eisenhower

T.S. Eliot

Gerald Ford

Al Franken

Tenzin Gyatso

George VI

Mikhail Gorbachev

Al Gore

Che Guevara

Vaclav Havel

Patrick Henry

Alfred Hitchcock

Adolf Hitler

Fritz Hollings

Saddam Hussein

Jesse Jackson

John F. Kennedy

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert Koch

Abraham Lincoln

George C. Marshall

John McCain

V. M. Molotov

Robert S. McNamara

Ralph Nader

Richard Nixon

Barack Obama

Conan O'Brien

James A. Parker

George S. Patton

Ron Paul

Ayn Rand

Ronald Reagan

Janet Reno

Scott Ritter

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sunera Thobani

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Harry S Truman

George Washington

William Young

  • Richard Reid (Speech given by Judge Young at Reid's sentencing)

Frank Zappa

Inaugural Addresses

State of the Union Addresses


Speeches by (or about) Noders

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