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Miller stands up from the bridal table, clearing his throat. He is kinda nervous.

Miller: Hi. At first I threatened Anthony with a speech that would be humiliating and embarrassing, but instead I decided to go with something that was a little more mushy.

Some of the audience members say "Aww..." at the mentioning of this.

Miller: (surprised) Actually, at the appointed time, I want you all to go "Aww..."

All of the audience immediately goes "Aww...", laughing a little.

Miller: Hey, that was pretty good. But let's try it again.

He gestures and the audience goes "Aww..." again. Some more laughter ensues.

Miller: Alright.

He reads.

Miller: A professor I had in college once said that we make our own histories everyday. And it's true - the places we go, the things we do, the people we meet..

He pauses.

Miller: And the ones we fall in love with.

He stops reading and stands aside, indicating the bridal couple.

Miller: Now look at them. Aren't they cute?

Prompted, the audience goes "Aww.."

Miller: (impressed) That was pretty good!

Some laughs come from the audience. He goes back to reading.

Miller: Those are the things that make up all of our lives and all of our dreams. What a wonderful addition this day is for all of our histories.

Miller: They say forever begins with a day, a series of tomorrows. One day leading to another with untold promises yet to be fulfilled. Well, forever is a difficult journey to travel, full of so many, many trying experiences. And it's a long, hard, lonely journey to wade through without a companion.

Miller: Fortunately, Anthony and Dana have been spared that fate. And, ya know what? We are here to celebrate that very fact.

Miller: So, yes, forever does start with a day.. And what a wonderful day for eternity to begin.

Miller: So, let's raise our glasses to Dana and Anthony and toast this very special occasion...

He raises his glass, prompting everyone else to do the same.

Miller: (continues) - to histories, to tomorrows, and to...

He gives everyone a look as he says the final words:

Miller: ...well, everything.

Audience goes "Aww..." again, drinking their champagne. Some laugh at the inside joke. Miller sits back in his seat and downs the rest of his drink in not only one quick gulp but in well-deserved relief.

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