Yes, myself (Dizzy) and katyana are to be married on the 28th April, 2001 at 6:30pm EDT.

(starts at 6:30pm EDT)

Wedding Procession with Flower Girls, Bride and Groom’s
Party, followed by the Bride and Groom

Introduction and Sermon
by clampe

Handfasting ceremony
The Exchange of Rings and Vows

The Newlyweds are introduced
(Feel free to shoot the Bride and Groom with the fireworks under your seat)


Dinner, Speeches, Cake cutting

dizzy and katyana dance their first dance as a married couple, to Tracy Chapman’s ‘The Promise

katyana and her father dance to Louie Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World

To dance with the Bride to ‘The Rainbow Connection‘, donate a few dollars to the Melanoma Skin Cancer foundation in memory of the late Sandra McNabb.

Dancing, Games, Food and Drink until 12am

Very Important Persons in attendance

The Pretty Pretty Princess, katyana
The Imported Groom, dizzy

The Very Irreverend clampe
The Mistress of Ceremonies, Mary Beth

The ‘Best’ man, randir
The SuperSlice clearwing

The Bride’s Homeslices; Victoria and Deborah

The Groom’s ninja assasins; drunkenmonkey and the gilded frame

The Flower Faeries; Beth and Chloe

The HoochMasters; James and Madalane

The X-Men cake figurines; Scott Summers and Jean Grey

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