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All Abouts are one of the new Girl Scout Cookies for 2002. These are to replace the 'Animal Treasures' from last year. They feature shortbread cookies dipped in fudge on the bottom. Embossed on the front it says things like "Girl Scouting is all about Leadership" or "Girl Scouting is all about Friendship" or tells you about how the Girl Scouts are celebrating 90 years of existance.

The 2002 box is a dark mauve and has on one side some kids looking through a 35mm camera with a huge telescopic lens and on the other side some kids posing for a picture. You only get 16 cookies per box (yes, I paid $3 USD for 16 cookies) so you better take small bites.

IMO they taste pretty good, but not as good as Tagalongs or Thin Mints.

(As per the cookies, Girl Scouts is all about Friendship, Leadership, Sharing, Caring and Values.)

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