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All News Channel is a cable channel that is a lot like Headline News or Sky News, with a 24 hour news format, with stories repeating every 30 minutes. The difference is that they don't have the backing of CNN or Sky, so they have to get their reports from other stations. All of their reports come from local TV News Stations. Hence, their slogan, News From America's Hometowns. All of the reports that you see on All News Channel (not including the weather report) are from these local stations. This is pretty interesting, it gives you an opportunity to see things from another persepctive.

According to their website:

From hometown news reporters and photographers all across America. All News Channel is a member of CONUS, the world’s largest satellite news cooperative. The CONUS news cooperative is made up of more than 100 local television stations. Everyday thousands of local reporters and photographers who know the stories best are gathering pictures and stories at these local stations. The best of those stories are fed to All News Channel and then presented to you.

From their website, the schedule for any given half-hour is this:
00:00-06:00 -- Top Stories
06:00-07:02 -- First Commercial
07:02-12:00 -- Top Stories
12:00-14:02 -- Second Commercial
14:02-15:45 -- Weather
15:45-19:00 -- News
19:00-21:02 -- Third Commercial
21:02-24:00 -- Sports
24:00-25:02 -- Fourth Commerical
25:02-27:54 -- Features
27:54-30:00 -- Fifth Commercial

The top stories are the same as you would see on any local news station. The commericals are typical cable TV fodder, with a lot of TV only offers. The Weather is ok, but still fairly mediocre. Sports is about the same. The other news segment is where it starts to get interesting. Here, you hear a local station's take on something that happened in their community, rather than the typical disconnected anchor from CNN or your local station. The Features section is public interest stories lifted from local stations and given national attention. These are interesting too.

The personalities that you will see on All News Channel:
Lisa Black
Colleen Burns
Jody Davis
Kirk Gallup
Wally Langfellow
Cindy Roesel
Dennis Silva
Dinah Swain
Stan Turner

There are some local TV stations that carry All News Channel for a few hours late at night in order to provide their viewers with some news. After about an hour, you will be sick of it, but if you check back the next day, the features and local news items will have changed, so it stays pretty interesting. I like All News Channel.

If you want to watch All News Channel, it is on DirecTV channel 364, and on some cable providers.

If you want to contact them, their website is at http://www.allnews.com

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