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Chaos ensues.
"The police are here! Everybody out!" The crowded room is scattered with bodies in desperate attempts to escape. What's going on? I shout. The room spins.

I see blood. Blood seeping through a white t-shirt, running through his hair, down his back. I gasp and back away. I need to get out! My mind screams desperately. I stumble through the packed hallway and down the front stairs. People are outside, yelling into their mobile phones. I clamor to the large group.

"You hit my son!" A man yells through the night. "You hit my son!" People are pushing and fighting, all this hate, all this anger. My mind is reeling as i shout and run back. Where am I? What am I doing? I can't remember. All i know is: Out. I have to get out.

And then I see you. A flash of red, a glimmer of hope. We might be fighting. I may not remember the last words I spoke to you. But right now I am on the precipice of a mental breakdown, I don't know what is going on. All i need is a familiar object. Someone i trust. Someone I love. I reach for you in the crowd. "Hey!" I call your name. Desperate. Oh, baby. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters. All I need is you right now. Im running towards you. Craving the solace of your arms. And then your hand stretches out and grabs hers. I stop moving towards you as you pull her into the cab. NO! Don't leave me. Not now. Not with her. PLEASE! But the cab pulls away and I'm left on the curb. I wail in pain. No, no, no. Please, no. I grab an arm, anything to hold on to.

"Please, stay with me!" I whimper to the girl i have attached myself to. She's talking on her cell phone. "Please." My addled mind begs. Please. I'm lost. He left me here. Alone. Please, help me.

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