The only way to truly be non-conformist is to be completely different. The problem with this theory is that as soon as people see how cool you are being a non-conformist is that they will all try to be just like you. You've got a couple of ways of dealing with this. You could hunt down and kill anyone who you see trying to copy your singular non-conformity. This isn't the recommended way of doing things, as while this act in itself is non-conformist action, society has strong punishment for this. Another method would be to be so un-obvious in your non-conformity that no one knows that you're not conforming, and will never steal your ideas. Again, not all that brilliant because who wants to be conformist and hide that non-conformity?

If things like wearing your pants on the wrong way around, putting hats on your feet, or running AtheOS don't tickle your fancy, you can always try...

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Or just say to heck with it and do whatever everyone else is doing...

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