Someone who conforms, i.e. bases his own behavior on the perceived behavior of those in his social group. This extends to clothing, habits of speech, smoking, drug use, as well as to values and opinions.
Conformists are very easily exploited, and they deserve it.
Judgement of a conformist requires more information. Mainly, why do they conform? In some cases, because they have to - such as for employment.

However, those who think it's the right thing to do are in serious trouble. Those are the ones that are asking to be exploited. Those are the ones that will ask "What are you on?", and then proceed to buy $100 jeans.

Con*form"ist, n.

One who conforms or complies; esp., one who conforms to the Church of England, or to the Established Church, as distinguished from a dissenter or nonconformist.

A cheeful conformist to your judgment.


© Webster 1913.

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