A mark of true distinction in computer gaming. First, it signifies that the person has been playing computer games for a long time, since Infocom games were popular back in the early 80's. Second, it signifies that the person has the necessary tenacity and warped cranial functions necessary to figure out one of the hardest puzzles in computer gaming ever.

How to get the babel fish (stop reading if you don't want to know!)

1. Make sure that when you get to the Vogon hold, you have the towel, your gown, and the pile of junk mail.

2. Wait for Ford Prefect to go to sleep.

3. Pick up Ford's satchel and put it in front of the panel.

4. Take off your gown and put it on the hook.

5. Put your towel on the drain.

6. Put the junk mail on top of the satchel.

7. Press the dispenser button.

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