I don't know how he wandered into my life, I can't even place exactly when it was.. but I'm quite sure I know why. I don't know how I fell so hard and so fast and I swear it still frightens me beyond words to even think about it, but there he is.. this person, this intensely dreamy little human who just happened along.

He says these thoughtful little things that have rendered me speechless on several occasions, and it's like, I don't even know.. all I do know is I've never felt this swept away.

Honesty, I can't believe how frightening honesty is.. it's as if I've never even had it in my life before, not like this, it's so penetrating, so just, utterly amazing that any one human could be like he is. I've heard a thousand seemingly "romantic" things, and I probably almost liked them to a point.. but it's become apparent that I had yet to even discover what romance is, really. I think it's even more than that, though, it's so much more than anything I can even begin to comprehend.

I always think that maybe I have this thing called "life" figured out, but I'm so far from that.. I'll never understand it, and I don't even want to anymore, I'm just so infinitely thankful that I am, nothing more, just being is something I've learned to love.

You, your dreamy voice, the way you make me smile without even trying.. you.. are amazing. I mean, how could I possibly deserve to even be graced with the honor of knowing this boy, nevermind everything else. I don't know where any of it is going, it doesn't matter.. you make me feel more alive than I ever have and for this, regardless of how long it lasts, I will be forever grateful. I could go on, and on.. endlessly.. but you know what..

"There's no need for words right now.." - Faith Hill

I stuck in a couple little pieces of lines from "Breathe" by Faith Hill in here and the title, they were just appropriate.. :)

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