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A sci-fi RPG developed by TSR, the makers of Dungeons and Dragons. It's pretty similar to shadowrun, except for the fact you don't need to roll ten dice to do anything and that there is no magic. The big plus about the game though is how flexible the gaming enviornment is. Also, it has a cool "dataware" handbook for rules, software, equipment, etc for interacting with the interglobal internet sorta thing (the GRID)

Alternity by TSR (now Wizards of the Coast) is currently my favorite RPG, it's the only one I play anymore. It's science fiction genre, and it's universal d20 skill-based game mechanic is wonderfully simple, efficient, and easy to learn.

There is no single set game world, as with other RPGs, but the mechanic can be applied to any science fiction setting, especially one you make up yourself. Wizards has published several settings: Star Drive, Dark Matter, Gamma World, and Starcraft.

Unfortunatly, Wizards decided in 2000 to stop publishing the Alternity line, due to low sales.

Al*ter"ni*ty (#), n. [LL. alternitas.]

Succession by turns; alternation.


Sir T. Browne.


© Webster 1913.

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