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A race of aliens in the Star Frontiers game. Short, rubbery amoeboid critters (think three-legged grey blob people), Dralasites are considered one of the more original aliens in sci-fi RPGs (which isn't saying much). They are the primary inhabitants of the planets Terledrom, Groth, and Inner Reach.

They reproduce via releasing spores during their "male" period, which are absorbed by other Dralasites who are currently "female"; all Dralasites are hermaphroditic and change gender with age (or with the proper medication).

Average Dralasites can sprout and control four or five limbs, but the most dextrous can have up to nine. Due to their physiology, they have trouble swimming, or using standard human equipment.

Drals are unaffected by alcohol - for a good time, they get into steam baths spiked with various scents (which "overload" their sensory systems, producting effects similar to human intoxication.)

Although they are described as philosophical and thoughtful, most players seem to play Drals for comic relief (note the preponderance of Dralasite flatulence gags). This isn't helped by their fondness for bad human jokes.

Often misspelled "Drasalite".

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