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In TSR's Star Frontiers game, a galaxy-spanning elite police organization with functions equivalent to today's Interpol, CIA, and counter-terrorist forces. Most first-time PCs end up as members of Star Law.

Excerpt from the introduction of the Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Basic rulebook:

    "The UPF created the Star Law Rangers, an interstellar police force, to track the Sathar's agents from planet to planet to fight them on their own terms."

Aside from fighting the worm-like Sathar, Star Law agents also fought space pirates, helped solve intra- and inter-planetary disputes, and were also expected to defuse the occasional Corporate War.

In keeping with the game's cheesy, Golden Age sci-fi feel, Star Law Rangers were akin to frontier marshals in the Wild West - lone Rangers were expected to keep the peace on entire Frontier planets, and had the skills, equipment and mandate to serve as judge, jury, and executioner.

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