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Player Character (PC) Conversion has nothing to do with switching religions. Converting a PC is the act of converting a PCs statistics from one gaming system (such as Storyteller) to another (such as d20).

This can become desirable in a number of situations, the gaming group might stumble accross a new and better system and decide to move their campain accross, or you might have a really good PC from a Dark Matter Alternity game, but your GM will only use Storyteller. Rather understandably companies are rather reluctant to publish ways to convert your PCs to rival game systems so conversion is very much a make-it-up-as-you-go-along process. To ease this process we can share our conversion notes with each other through the wonderful medium of E2. If you have ideas on PC conversion, post them on E2 and, to avoid duplication, list them below.

Any converted PC must be approved by the GM/DM/Referee as there are bound to be lots of tweakings needed before it will fit into the campaign. Remember that the Referee's word is law.

Alternity -> d20

Alternity -> Storyteller

d20 -> Storyteller

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