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Ambar is an online, web-based game fount at http://ambar.coldfirestudios.com brought to us by Darklight Studios.

You get to run a realm in an Empire. When creating a realm you have the choice between five races each unique to the game, in addition you also get to choose one of five elements. Your empire contains up to nine other realms run by other real people from across the world.

The thing that separates Ambar from other similar text based strategy games such as Utopia or Dominion is the portals. These portals, which you open with magical spells guarantee that bottom feeding is not as prominent as in other comparable games. These portals are based of the networth and size of the largest realm in your empire, and limit your targets you may attack. Unlike how in other games you will be able to attack anyone in any empire.

Despite not having that many changes over the past few ages Ambar has a loyal fan base that will guarantee its future success. It also has a fan site called Towers of Ambar(ToA) found at www.revman.com/toa . ToA has many useful tools used by many players such as divine sight formatter, a military calculator and an Ambar simulator. sight formatter] and a military calculator.

The word Ambar itself means (the) world if your curious.

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