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History Bites is a satire found on History Television.

The main cast members are: Rick Green, Ron Pardo, Janet Van De Graaff, Bob Bainborough, and Teresa Pavlinek. Each of the cast members also participate in the writing of the show and many of them were teachers before, joining the show.

To sum up the show in a few words I will borrow its creator and important cast member's words: History Bites is a skit comedy show that asks, "What if television had been around for the past 5,000 years?" Each episode explores an important historical event by channel surfing through news, sports, talk shows, commercials, and game shows. The Sports Desk covers Gladiator fights. Martha Stewart plans a Roman orgy. Pharaoh Ramses meets the press. A Mongol barbarian appears on Larry King. The X-Files delves into the latest plague. Cops are Knights.

Format of the show: Each week the host (also Rick Green) introduces a topic, which is actually in tune with Ontario's (Canada) High School curriculum, then he turns back the clocks and turns on the TV. Then for most of the episode, only being interrupted by Rick Green's commentary every 10 or so minutes, the show revolves around the topic of the day through the eyes of what would TV show. As in, take Martha Stewart and see what she might have done then; or an interview by Larry King with an influential member of society of the period. The interludes of Rick Green are used to draw parallels between today’s world and that which is presented in the show.

Current Episode Guide: Each is linked with its proper subject.

Season One
1. The Black Death
2. Caligula is Croaked
3. Dead Philosopher Walking
4. Great Fire of London
5. Charlemagne
6. The Declaration of Independence
7. Magna Carta
8. Pure Vandalism
9. The French Revolution
10. The Spanish Inquisition
11. Bjarney & Friends
12. The Battle of Waterloo
13. The Bloody Aztecs

Season Two
14. Gutenberg's Laptop
15. Cartier Does Canada
16. Ransomed by Vikings
17. Operation Desert Crusade
18. The Celibate Celebrity of 1429
19. The Big Sex Scandal
20. The Sistine Ceiling
21. Saying No to Terrorism
22. Galileo Cops a Plea
23. Worse Than Genghis Khan
24. The Commander in Chief is a Eunuch
25. A Woman for All Seasons
26. Bulbs, Boom & Bust!
27. Cleo Can Kiss My Asp
28. My Canada Includes Quebec
29. The Not-So-Great Wall of China
30. Invasion U.S.A.!
31. Spartans, Get Ready to Rumble!
32. Welcome to Oz
33. The Tiananmen Square of 532 A.D.
34. The Pregnant Pirates
35. The King Has Left The Building
36. Shakespeare in Love - Drake in Battle
37. Everything You Need to Know About God
38. The Gods Must Be Angry
39. The Millennium Special

Season Three
40. Vikings a la Mode
41. The Captain Who Couldn't Sail Straight
42. Battle of the Anti-Popes
43. Nero Business Like Show Business
44. Truth Or Prayer, The Crusade Tour
45. Goodbye Tudor Rose
46. The Duelling Transvestite
47. Rebel With A Cause
48. Dracula's Evil Twin
49. Neolithic Park
50. My Pharaoh Lady
51. Between Me & My Calvin
52. Alexander's Wartime Band
53. Monk On A Hot Tin Roof
54. Glengarry Glen Baa
55. Saladin's Last Stand
56. The Mounties' Comical Ride
57. The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
58.  New Angle On The Gods
59. When Irish Eyes Are Starvin'
60. Gladiators: Too Hot For TV
61. The First Emperor
62. There's Gold In Them Thar Beavers
63. The Shootout At Fly's Photographic Studio

Season Four
64. The Day The Island Stood Still
65. Love & Death
66. Samurai Goodfellas
67. Who Killed J.F.C.?
68. The Uncivil War
69. Temptation Monastery
70. Francis & Me
71. Terror For The Sake Of Terror
72. Harpsichord Wizard
73. A Canterbury Murder Tale
74. Xena's Evil Sister
75. Kamikaze Save The Day
76. Domestic Terrorism
77. Rock & Roll Has Got To Go!
78. Where No White Man Has Gone Before
79. Leaving Norman
80. Goodnight Good Knights
81. Stairway to Heaven
82. Psychic Celebrity
83. Bewitched
84. Five Ring Circus
85. Gratuitous Sex & Violence
86. Out Wit, Out Walk, Out Eat
87. Ten Lost Days

Some info found at www.historybites.com

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