Heavyweight champion in the first tournament of Comedy Central's BattleBots. Vlad is an extremely simple machine created by Gage Cachois. It's basically a metal box with a "drag racing fork lift" in the front. The wheels are hidden underneath so it doesn't have any obvious weaknesses. I'm pretty sure that if it gets flipped over it can right itself. So, for a KO you've got hope for electrical failures. It should be interesting to see how this bot does this season.

To the shock of the world (well ok maybe not the world) Vlad the Impaler was defeated in this years finals. After not being challenged by any other competitors, Biohazard defeated this previously undefeated bot. biohazard actually touched the ground making this bot's lifting arms almost useless. Vlad, who had never been previously flipped, actually was able to flip back to its feet faster and better than any other bot ive ever seen.

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