It is a university found in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Founded by Reverend Edmund Burke, in 1802 it is the oldest English-speaking, Roman Catholic initiated university in Canada,. In 1841, the Nova Scotia House of Assembly formally gave the university its formal recognition as an academic institute. 11 years later complete legal status to give out degrees was given to the University. In 1913 the Christian Brothers of Ireland were asked by the Archdiocese to direct the college and did so till 1940 when they handed over the duties to the Upper Province Society of Jesus who did so for 30 years till in 1970, when the university was Incorporated with a Board of Governors and a Senate

Interesting Facts:
- In 1934 it established one of the 1st Commerce Faculties in Canada, which is now known as the Frank H. Sobey Faculty of Commerce, named after Frank H. Sobey who founded the Empire Company Limited (Major Holdings being Sobeys, Empire Theatres and Lawtons Drug Stores
- Currently has roughly 8,500 students.
- Motto has the Latin words: “Age Quod Agis” (strive for the best)
- Its Football Team, the Huskies are for the past 2 years (2002, 2001) the #1 ranked football team winning the Vanier Cup in both years.
- 1st Atlantic Canadian University to advance to the world finals in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals (2001)
- Campus is completely contained within 1 city block, that is about 30 acres large.
- Has an observatory on top of one of its campus' residences.
- Doesn’t have a Student Council, but a Student Association (business’ don’t like unions, and SMU is a business school at heart)
- Current cafeteria deal with Aramark has a clause that students can not see the contract
- In 1959 it was the 1st university in the region to obtain a computer: A Royal Mc-Bee LGP-30

No word on if the OS was windows ;-)

University website:

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