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A found website:

Americans For Purity:
Winning The War
On Masturbation

Amoung other things, this site will "help" you clear up many of the myths about masturbation you may have bought into thanks to living in a world where decent god-fearing folk and bible-believing people actually receive hate mail because of their rather sensible views:

  • Masturbation should be illegal. (of course)
  • sausages, cucumbers and carrots should only be allowed to be sold pre sliced to allow women to resist temptation.
  • All woman should undergo Clitoridectomy at birth (female children "will never miss the part that is removed if it is done early enough") in order to be permanently cured of this vile habit.
Maybe it's a parody. Maybe you should sign yourself for the Americans For Purity platform. They'll even let you email your senator!


Btw, the trolls get my vote.

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