He's not exactly old (for he said he was 52 years old), but that's not a big issue...

As I was taking the subway and studying my Television and Radio texts, I sat across a guy. He said he's a musician, a writer, and a religious guy.

He talked to me about women out there who wanted only money, dining out, the latest fashions, etc. He said he used to be a sucker for those kinds of women, and they took all of his money away. Now he's starting over after all of this mess.

He told me that I looked very educated. I was in my suit, going out to see Ruthie Henshall in the Firebird Café in the longest subway ride ever. He said that Chinese people, especially the people in his family (his parents were Chinese and Jewish folks. ), emphasized education first.

As I was juggling reading the texts (an article about the links between television and theatre) and listening to this guy, he was talking more and more. I wasn't annoyed or anything, and I like the talk. He was talking about needing to learn stuff throughout life, then focus on relationships later. He also said Asian women are sensitive compared to the materialistic white women. I only disagreed with him on that statement because I can only believe that Asian women are jerks just like everybody else.

This guy was talking on and on about how somebody like me should focus on being educated, then finding the right woman. I wish I can take his advice seriously, but I of this loneliness, this living Hell has to be done for before I can live the rest of my soon-to-be-obsolete life.

I was listening to the guy for so long, I forgot that I shouldn't leave my bag next to the subway car heater -- the handle was melted off!

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