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Analogue Bubblebath Volume 5 is an album by Richard D. James that was shelved in 1995 in favour of The Richard D. James Album after a short test run of 500 LPs. It is quite different compared to all of James' other work (but what did you expect?), and (in my humble opinion) is nothing short of brilliant.

The track listing is as follows (although not very helpful):

  A1 untitled 9:08
  A2 untitled 5:57
  A3 untitled 0:31
  A4 untitled 4:21
  A5 untitled 6:36
  B1 untitled 6:15
  B2 untitled 4:50
  B3 untitled 6:51
  B4 cuckoo   6:04 (as it appeared on AB4)
I managed to grab a copy of the album, so here's a brief discription of each track:
  1. A lengthly but very funky groove that features some thick bass kick action and several squeaky hinge-like noises. Playful synth melodies caress the ears as mellow string harmonies soothe the soul. (how's that for hyperbole!)
  2. Once again featuring the unidentifiable squeaky noise, this track is in 5/4 time. It has the same joyful synth as above, but with a bizarre (almost honky-tonk) piano melody and a lulling, squirming bassline on top of it. An interesting aspect of this track is that you can't quite identify where the bars end and begin, creating a disorientating but enjoyable effect.
  3. The sound of footsteps across gravel.
  4. In a way, this is like a slowed down jungle-electro track. A repetitive bassline calls out as what could be classified as breakbeats rain down on the listener. Towards the end the now familiar (but this time haunting) synths come in echoing the bassline.
  5. Who'd says RDJ hasn't a sense of funk? If there's any proof required it's right here. Again this breakbeat-esque style (or at very least broken rhythms), with more playful synths. (this man just can't get enough!)
  6. A haunting, wavering synth drone is accompanied by an industrial but somehow mellow rhythm. About halfway through something like a slowed acid run is introduced.
  7. A piece somewhat reminiscent of Bbydhyonchord from Drukqs. It could potentially be described as an alien summer party song.
  8. Similiar to track 6 in mood, but somewhat more relaxed by way of the presence of some strings.
  9. cuckoo can be found on Analogue Bubblebath 4.
In my opinion, this is one of RDJ's best releases (or non-releases) to date. If anything, it's completely different to anything you've ever heard before.

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