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Andy McNab is a former member of the British SAS. He gained fame by being captured doing Green Ops in the Gulf war and writing a bestselling book about it. His birthdate is unknown because he was found in a basket on the porch of Guys Hospital, London. Because his first book was such a success he wrote another one, Immediate Action, which also enjoyed good sales. He also served as an advisor for the scenes of urban firefights in the movie Heat, which led to the fact that they are very good indeed.

The main character of the best seller book, and low budget movie, Bravo Two Zero.

In the movie, Played by Sean Bean (Boromir in the upcoming Lord of The Rings), Andy McNab, the character, narrates the capture and torment of the real Andy McNab and his SAS team, behind enemy lines, during the Gulf War.

Now, seeing the real Andy McNab, and then Sean Bean, really makes you wonder: If I ever get captured and circumcised without any proper anesthesia, would Mel agree to play me?

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