Angina Vagina is the new release from straight white male funk band, The Hip Nipplers. If you are half the fan of straight white male funk music as I am, you'll want to give this one a hard listen.

When straight white men invented the funk genre in 1979, it came at a cost. Being discriminated against because of their skin color and straightness (not to mention being male on top of it all), they were often attacked in bars, with bottles thrown at them (and often worse) by crowds who called their music offensive and "difficult to get one's head around." Such nonsense. You would think that in the current era they would be able to play out in venues, but these days they often see the places they have booked shuttered under the false premise of false viruses and such. Things just don't seem to get better in this country for straight white men.

Now, The Hip Nipplers broke up in 1977, with a few questionable recordings released after that with lineups that contained very few original members. This new single involves almost the entire original lineup with the exception of Tony Tigge, who was murdered by a mob while setting a cross on fire on his neighbor's lawn in 1975. A miscarriage of justice. He was celebrating Good Friday for religious freedom reasons and there was a misunderstanding. But, that is the price of trying to make it in the rough climate of America when you are a straight white male, especially one who wears bell bottom courdoroys in the summer months.

For a real comeback by The Hip Nipplers, you need a catchy hook at the beginning of the song. And they make it happen. With a guitar. Which is great. And then Simon MacInnac starts funking it up into the microphone.

Her Name Was Ruby
She was a fine one
And then she'd kvetch
Down below!
There was a fire
Way down below!
Angina Vagina
What a show!

Great stuff. With lyrics like that, you know you are in for a foot stomping, boot licking good time. Wow.

When they premiered this tune at the White Apollo Club in Midtown Manhattan, they really outdid themselves by disembowling a woman on stage. They were always big on theatrics in the 60s, but this time they got into uncharted territory. What a night that must have been. Of course, when that was going on, I was still setting up my forced labor camps in upstate New York before having to relocate to North Dakota. I am hoping to catch their show in Des Moines, Iowa next month. Should be a good one.

As for my commentary, I have to admit that I had never before heard of vaginal kvetching and I learned a lot from this song, and also from a YouTube video about it which provided conclusive evidence that vaginal kvetching was the work of the devil. This helped me to understand why the disembowling of a woman with a kvetching vagina was warranted on stage. However, it is my understanding that the place was raided after the show by liberal cops from the Special Victims Unit of Manhattan precinct. I don't know what Simon MacInnac's current status is, but there is a Go Fund Me page set up to secure funds for his bail. I hope you will all help him out. Ibid.

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