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Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time:

Angreal are one of three types of artifacts created by the Aes'Sedai with the One Power during the Age of Legends.

Angreal were produced prior to the Breaking of the World by the male and female channelers or the Aes Sedai by weaving the One power. Angreal allow anyone capable of channeling to draw in a greater amount of the One power than they normally could. This boost in power occurs when they draw saidar or saidin in through the Angreal and then use it.

Angreal are not unisex however, and an Angreal that works for a female will not be able to be used by a male, and in reverse, an Angreal that allows a male to draw more saidin will not work for a female.

As with Ter'Angreal and Sa'Angreal, the knowledge of how to produce Angreal was lost during the breaking of the world, and thus the White Tower only lends out Angreal to Aes Sedai when the need is great.

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