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Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time:

Ter'Angreal ( TEER-ahn-GREE-ahl) are one of three types of artifacts created by the Aes'Sedai with the One Power during the Age of Legends.

While Angreal and Sa'Angreal can be used for any purpose, Ter'Angreal were made to perform one specific task by utilising the One Power.

They can appear as anything from a piece of jewellery to a sword, from a bowl to a chair. Because the knowledge of their creation was lost during the Breaking of the World, all Ter'Angreal are hoarded by the White Tower, and all are carefully researched in order to ascertain their individual purposes. The is a danger involved as each device requires a different combination of the four elements, and when triggered, the results are completely unpredictable. This has led to the Aes Sedai locking all Ter'Angreal up and only the most ambitious of their members try to study them.

Not all Ter'Angreal can be triggered by Aes Sedai,  many were made to be used by a male who could channel, and thus are only triggered by weaves of Saidin, as opposed to the female Saidar. Even more rare are Ter'Angreal that do not require channeling in order to be used, these can be used by ordinary men and women, these appear often as devices of a protective nature.

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