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Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time:

Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan, Last Queen of Manetheren.

Said to be so beautiful that the flowers bloomed to make her smile, Whether that is true or not, it is known that she ruled by the side of King Aemon during the Trolloc wars, and that she died when the forces of the Dark One invaded her kingdom and that in her death she wiped the filth of Shai`Tan from Manetheren soil.

When her King went off to war, a desperate battle against unwinnable odds, she remained in the capital city and waited. When Aemon died, she reached out to the One power and drew more Saidar than she could handle. With the power she hurled fire deep into the army, striking at the core and obliterating the generals of the army. From there the fire spread and the evil forces fled rather than face the fire.

But she had drawn in more saidar than she could hold, more than any human could hold without Angreal or Sa'Angreal, and it killed her. As she died, the trolloc army died, and so did the city that stood at the heart of Manetheren.

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