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Narg is a character in The Eye of the World, the first book of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series.

He is a Trolloc, one of the members of cruel half-animal, half-human creatures not unlike Orcs in The Lord of the Rings. They were bred for destruction by Aginor for Shai'tan. Herd mentality, a lack of common sense and instant gratification by destruction are characteristics of Trollocs.

Narg is set apart by the fact that he has a name, that he is the only Trolloc who spoke human language in the series and that displayed the ability to think and wait. Early in the series, Narg met the protagonist of the book, Rand al'Thor, in a scene that left the young Rand shaken to the core, but alive.

A quote from The Eye of the World, Winternight1:

     "One of the Trollocs was getting to its feet. A wolf's muzzle jutted out below sunken eyes.
Flat, emotionless eyes, and all too human. Hairy, pointed ears twitched incessantly. It stepped
over one of its dead companions on sharp goat hooves. The same black mail the others wore
rasped against leather trousers, and one of the huge, scythe-curved swords swung at its side.
It muttered something, guttural and sharp, then said, "Others go away. Narg stay. Narg
smart." The words were distorted and hard to understand, coming from a mouth never meant for
human speech. Its tone was meant to be soothing, he thought, but he could not take his eyes off
the stained teeth, long and sharp, that flashed every time the creature spoke. "Narg know some
come back sometime. Narg wait. You no need sword. Put sword down.""

In the scuffle that ensued, Narg fell on Rand's sword and was believed dead.

However, seeing how Narg was able to intelligently communicate with Rand, many fans of the series believe that it is possible that Narg would appear again. In fact, some believe that he would be a key to winning the Last Battle, by bringing Trollocs over to Rand's side, and that he would be the leader of a new order, the Way of the Coconut.

1Quoted from The Eye of The World, paperback edition, 1990.

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