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*medium spoiler level*

In The Wheel of Time, an Aes Sedai of Blue Ajah.

Moiraine Damodred was born into a noble house (called Damodred, obviously) in Cairhien. There she learned Daes Dae'mar, and likely her sometimes arrogant, even regal manner comes from also.

When Moiraine was an young Accepted, she happened to be in presence of Amyrlin Seat when an old Aes Sedai did a foretelling about the Dragon having just been reborn and died. The Amyrlin wanted to keep this secret, anticipating that White Tower might panic and handle it badly. Moiraine and Siuan Sanche got drawn into this and 20 years later were quite mangled in this.

Moiraine went on quest to find this Dragon Reborn and finally believed to have found him to be one of the three young men in Two Rivers, in Emond's Field - Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon or Perrin Aybara.

Moiraine led this kids around until they grew big enough and saw enough of world to develop a backbone and stand up to her. Moiraine still sticked to Rand who she found to be Dragon Reborn. She followed her all around the world, while Rand got more and more tired of her. Finally Moiraine had to take an oath to obey Rand for Rand to even allow her near.

Moiraine was, supposedly, killed along with Lanfear as they fell through a doorframe leading to Finnland. However, many believe Moiraine isn't dead but will be saved by Thom Merrilin.

Moiraine's Warder was al'Lan Mandragoran, a prince of lost Malkier. She first met him in an interesting incident involving a pond and both falling into it.

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