Daes Dae'mar

Dies Dae'mar is also known as the "Game of Houses," and is played across a number of cities and countries in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. This "game" is a game of political intrigue and underground assasination, and a virtual cold war. Any person who meets one of the nobles, or who is even known by one is suddenly a pawn in the game of Daes Dae'mar.

Daes Dae'mar is not something that anyone but the peasants and the supposed non-participants will admit to having knowledge of. Any of the nobles, if asked, would not know of any such thing. Because Daes Dae'mar is underground, it has more potency than any other political game you'd care to mention. With the greatest potency that one can imagine, it entices even the most careful souls to join into this dark game, which was supposedly created first by The Dark One or Shai'Tan, in the form of a noble. However this aside Daes Dae'mar has become one of the most interesting plot devices in the entire series. Just reading allows the reader to see mistakes that one would never have suspected they would make, or do make. Reading the dialogue allows the reader to understand better the Daes Dae'mar that exists in our own day.

I know that I, myself have become more and more aware of Daes Dae'mar in my everyday life. I can see it, with other names, in inter-country relations, and simply in social relations with the people whom I go to school with. Daes Dae'mar is more present than any of us want to admit, and I think that Robert Jordan has touched upon a well of knowledge that we would surely like to forget. Daes Dae'mar is the epitomy of politics. It encompasses saying something and then meaning something entirely different.

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