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In The Wheel of Time, Lews Therin Telamon -LTT for short- was known as The Dragon. The name came from the scaly, serpent-like creature with wings on his banner. It is not known where this image came from, as even in his lifetime nobody had seen such creature.

Lews Therin was strong in One Power, one of strongest in his time, and a leading figure for the Light once the War of Power began. He loved Ilyena Sunhair, was loved by Ilyena and Lanfear (according himself, the feelings never were mutual with the latter) and was hated by and mutually hated back at least Demandred and Sammael.

It was him who led the Hundred Companions to Shayol Ghul to seal the Bore and thus reprison the Dark One. As interesting side note, Hundred Companions consisted entirely of men as female Aes Sedai (yes, there were male Aes Sedai at that time too) refused to join in for some reason, possibly to do with the dangerousness of the plan, not only for invading force but to the force. (see Shayol Ghul for more information on the subject)

And, indeed, Dark One was quite pissed off for the sealing. It is not known if it was just DO's power or did he somehow reflect the force LTT & pals used, but the DO managed to taint the saidin, which led to LTT, Companions and all saidin wielders to go insane, and with their insane powers (apparently, for some reason, LTT & Companions didn't die just channeling) began Breaking of the World, flattening a couple of mountains and moving some seas.

Lews Therin Telamon finally died, insane, after having killed everyone of his blood (earning his other name, Kinslayer), when Ishamael came, removed his insanity (that is still of great interest to the WoT world... just HOW did he do that? Could it be abused?) and in realization of what he had done, LTT rose a mountain (now known as Dragonmount) and destroyed himself. Whether it was Balefire or something else he used, is not known, however BF is unlikely as his deeds didn't get erased.

See also the Dragon, Dragon Reborn, Rand al'Thor.

To add to, and perhaps restate in a clearer manner, what kaatunut has said:

Lews Therin Telamon was one of the strongest male channelers of his time, perhaps equaled by only Ishamael. Howerer, it is actually stated in the books that about a dozen Forsaken were killed during the War of Power, so perhaps there were stronger. But LTT was definitely the most powerful male channeler for the forces of the Light. LTT did love Lanfear; they were lovers for a time, but he left her because he was disgusted by her lust for power. I could go on for hours about Lanfear, as she is such a mysterious character, rivaling even Ishamael. But in any event, LTT left Lanfear for Ilyena, but Lanfear still considers him hers, and is insanely jealous of him. Witness her actions on the docks when she finds out Rand slept with Aviendha; she went psycho!

Lews led the Hurdred Companions to Shayol Ghul to seal the Bore. In the books, the Bore is always referred to as a metaphorical hole; a thinning of the pattern allowing the world to be closer to the Dark One's prison at that one location. This is very ambiguous, as the Bore was physically made, and by Lanfear at that. She was searching for a way to unite saidar and saidin, but ended up freeing the Dark One. There is some speculation that she had already turned to the Dark, and knew what she was doing, but we have no idea. The books actually describe the Bore being opened. When Rand is in the glass columns in Rhuidean, one of his Aiel ancestors witnesses the opening of the Bore. But this is all an aside; we don't know the exact nature of the Bore, or what exactly LTT did to seal it, but we know it was sealed, and seven seals were created.

There is interesting speculation, mostly by Ishamael (ever the philosopher) that LTT himself is merely the rebirth of the soul known as the Dragon, which would explain how he came to have a creature no one has seen or heard of on his banner. Ishamael speculated that Lanfear, or Mierin as she was known then, didn't really open the Dark One's prison; it had been opened long before, and sequentially sealed by an earlier rebirth of the Dragon. The Wheel spun out another seven ages, and Mierin was the one that happened to open it this time around. This would add some ammo to the camp that believes Mierin had already turned to the Dark when she opened the Bore. If the Bore had been opened countless times before, in earlier spinnings of the Wheel, then the Dark One would be aware of it, and would be trying to influence people in this age to reopen it, so he could break out forever this time. Well, needless to say, it didn't work, and LTT sealed the Bore. Whether or not he was the first to do so is a matter of serious debate.

The Hundred Companions consisted of all males due to disention among the Aes Sedai of the time. LTT was the Tamyrlin, which was similar to the Amyrlin Seat of this age, only that the Tamyrlin resided over male and female Aes Sedai. For all that, he was unable to achieve any semblance of consensus, so he led the hundred strongest male Aes Sedai against the Shadow, and drove his forces to Shayol Ghul, the seat of the Shadow's power, and somehow did something that we call the sealing of the Bore. The Forsaken, or what was left of them, were also sealed in somehow, at least all of them except Ishamael. Ever a mystery, many suspect that Ishamael was paritaly sealed, or even never sealed. The Dark One tainted saidin, perhaps with the True Power, perhaps not; we're not really sure. All we know is that this counterstroke left saidin tainted, and led to the madness of all male channelers, and the Breaking of the World. LTT and the other male chanellers didn't die from channeling before this because there was no reason for them to; saidin wasn't tainted. It was as pure as saidar, and as safe to draw upon. The madness and rotting only came as a result of the taint. This is made apparent as early as the Eye of the World, when Aginor is all scared and rotted, but when he begins to draw on the pool of untainted saidin stored in the Eye, he begins to heal.

The Breaking of the World was more than just the flattening of a few mountains, and the moving of some seas. It really fscked stuff up. The land was entirely changed, as the Forsaken have mentioned countless times in the books, when lamenting the loss of their Age of Legends, and generally bitching about how nothing is the same, and how put upon they are surrounded by primitives, blah blah blah. All this has not stoped them from being killed like gimps, but that's another story.

Lews finally went insane, and killed all of his blood, including his beloved Ilyena, earning the name Kinslayer. Shortly after LTT is done killing all his family, Ishamael appears in the flesh. This would seem odd, seeing as all the Forsaken were bound with the Dark One at Shayol Ghul. Guess not. Ishamael is at least partially unbound, if not completely. He sees that LTT is completely mad, so he heals him, so that the enormity of his situation can hit him like a ton of bricks. Ishamael does this using the True Power, not the male half of the One Power. This is evident when Ishamael says "I serve another power now." He is then surrounded by darkness, and heals LTT in what he describes as a "different, more painful" way. Ishamael is the only one that actually draws upon the True Power regularly, as evidenced by the number of saa he displays. LTT, fully healed, and sane at last, realizes what he has done, and becomes half mad with grief. He Travels somewhere, and draws more of the One Power than he can handle, resulting in a spectacular display of flames (not balefire), and the creation of Dragonmount, and the island that would become Tar Valon. The next Dragon Reborn, Rand, would then be born on the slopes of Dragonmount, the site of the last Dragon's death, fufilling the Prophecy of the Dragon.

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