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According to classic Judeo-Christian Mythology, Sammel was first of all the angels and most beloved of God. Also called Lucifer, the Lightbringer or Morningstar.

Sammel let the Great Rebellion over the pre-eminence of man and was the first to Fall, becoming the Lord of Hell and Prince of Demons.

His names include Father of Lies, Lord of Darkness, The Proud, Satan, Old Scratch, Old Nick and The Man.

Samael A Gnostic god and, in Judaism, the evil angel who comes to be identified with SATAN. Samael is actually a name of a kingdom of the Aramaens, in the area of Syria in the 2nd millenium B.C.E. A variation of the name is Sammael. The name has also been associated with "Dread God," a Semitic version of the Asiatic Sama, Samana, or Samavurti, the "Leveller." In the Sama Veda he is called a storm god, clothed in black clouds.

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