A character in Soul Calibur who carries around a really big axe. He has some excellent moves, although they tend to be slow. Still, the prospect of him swinging an axe around and slicing the shit out of Xianghua or another obligatory fighting-game bimbo is just very entertaining to watch. If you don't own a Dreamcast and this very fine video game, it's worth your 50 cents to play as Astaroth in the arcade game.


In Hebrew lore, Astaroth was a seraph and a prince of thrones, but he cast his lot with Satan and was thrown out of heaven. In hell, according to demonologist Johann WEYER, he reigns as a "grandduke." He commands forty legions of demons, and serves as a great treasurer.

Of Syrian origin, Astaroth is a demonized version of the goddess Astarte. He is described as both an ugly and a beautiful angel who rides a dragon and holds a viper in his left hand. He encourages slothfullness and laziness. He believes he was punished unjustly by God, and that someday he will be restored to his rightful place in heaven.

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