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Phoenician goddess equivalent to Ishtar and Asherah; consort of Ba'al, IIRC

poem by me called "Astarte":

The melting wax gliding down the candle
Mirrors the sweat on my naked skin
Late, I sit lotus, eyes on the lights
A fire sparked in my mind
A blaze between my thighs
I am possessed

I feel your touch, secret one
Who comes and haunts me in my dreams
And I crawl beneath the sky
Till I feel my lungs would burst
And I breathe in the stars
And I am become illumination

I see you cowering in the light
I see the snow turning your hair white
As arms invisible surround me

As*tar"te (#), n. [Gr. a Phenician goddess.] Zool.

A genus of bivalve mollusks, common on the coasts of America and Europe.


© Webster 1913.

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