In May of 2003, Weird Al Yankovic (who, by many standards, is considered the greatest musical humorist in a time similar to ever) released his latest album Poodle Hat. This, as usual, featured many parodies of "popular" music. Long awaited for (almost 3 Years!), Weird Al returned with one of his best multiparodies yet.

Angry White Boy Polka was one of the better tracks on the CD, taking from many of the (at the time) well-known artists (including the still weird, but oddly alluring White Stripes). Part of the song's greatness is that it, although mildly mocking, still keeps them musically sound (punalicious!). This is possible, due to both Weird Al's brilliance and his fantastic band (Ruban Valtierra, Jon Shwartz, Steven Jay and Jim West).

The song, no matter what it is parodying (covering?) is upbeat enough that you can't help but tap your feet to it, but not so much that you get start freaking out in a properly "Al" fashion. Listening to it, you begin to realize the full range of song-mocking abilities.

After listening to this song (over and over, as I tend to do) I found myself enjoying it extremely. When I compared it to the originals, I find little to be disappointed with. He manages to be-little Papa Roach's Last Resort and praise it, at the same time. He keeps this like-and-mock style through-out the whole song. One can definitely see the respect his has for the artist's music.

Definitely a song that someone should listen to, at least once.

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