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California tumbles into the sea

 That'll be the day I go back to Annandale


As a lifelong fan of symmetry,  there is a lot to be said for looking at both ends of the spectrum.   The West coast is still there, and showing no signs of fading away or dropping into the ocean.   Sorry Warren.    On the other side of the country- Annandale,  the DC suburbs and the rest of Virginia is alive and well too, but continues to move as slowly as possible into this century.     Those of us over 40 have no illusions about the pace of change south of the Mason Dixon.  

Change, which keeps coming and at a rate that accelerates, is not embraced by everyone.  In the same way that tolerance is not a trait wholly supported, cultural change in much of this country is derided and mocked as a fad.  Just as it has for over a hundred years.   


I cried when I wrote this song

Sue me if I play too long

Is this a time to look back?   Maybe, but only briefly,  because I believe it is time to look forward.   The future holds promise for most of us and to most of the United States.  The parts of the country who want change are going to get some of it,  and the parts that don't want it are going to get more than they like.  


Resistance is futile.    You may have heard the phrase.   Consider both sides please.  

Those people whose opinions that differ from yours will continue to press their case, even as the demographics overwhelm them.  The people who share your opinion may find themselves feeling outvoted and ignored, but that too is a temporary situation.    The more things change, the more they change.  I do not embrace nihilism and the idea that evil always wins.    

For better or worse change happens and neither side has the power to stem a tide that large.   The future will bring us great and terrible things. The fact that some of us see only dark clouds does not diminish that for me.   My hope for you all is that you share that optimism. 


Chinese music always sets me free

Angular banjoes sound good to me 








italics- all lyrics from Steely Dan

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