Anime Boston is a brand-new anime convention, brought to you by the New England Anime Society. The convention has been in the works for a while, and has recieved an enthusiastically high number of preregistrations (over 1500) and will probably have at least 2000 people attending the convention.

For it's first time, Anime Boston 2003 plans to be the most ambitious first-time convention in recent memory. There is a full slate of events, including the Video Rooms (5 of them), Panels/Workshops (5 rooms of those as well), a Karaoke lounge, the obligatory Dealer's Room, an Art Gallery and Art Show, the Anime Music Video contest, two nightly dances, several game shows, and the Clubhouses.

Anime Boston 2003 will also be the historic reunion of all five Gundam Wing voice actors. Guests of honor also include Hiroki Kanno (character designer for Yu Yu Hakusho and RahXephon, Tiffany Grant (voice actor for Asuka Langley Sohryu), Steve Bennett (co-founder of Studio I.C. Think Megatokyo.), and more.

As it stands, Anime Boston appears to be a new front-runner on the convention scene, with pre-registrations having surpassed everyone's expectations. This is no easy task, as AB is now in the same territory as AXNY, Otakon, and more. If it goes off as well as it seems to have been planned, however, it will definately carve out a piece of convention history.

Anime Boston 2003 - April 18th to April 20th
Anime Boston 2004 - April 9th to April 11th
Anime Boston:

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