One of the most popular sweets created, Aniseed Balls are little pieces aniseed seeds coated in a hard, aniseed-flavoured candy. Normally a red-purple in colour- on the outer shell, inside the're white- they taste extremely liquorish-like and have a strong flavour. Three in the mouth at once actually kind of hurts, as they also flavour the mouth... tough and hard to break, they are ideal for a nice, long suck on.

About the size of one and a half centimetres in width, they're normally unusually cheap and a pound for a large bag is a common price for them here in the UK.

Aniseed balls are available in many places through the UK, and contain aniseed, but the rest of the details as to the recipe seems impossible to find, which is odd as they are so very old that their origins are lost.


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