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Anna Bartlett Warner was born August 31, 1827 in Long Island, New York. In 1836, she moved to Constitution Island with her sister, Susan.

Anna is best known for writing the words to the hymn Jesus Loves Me. Although she wrote many hymns, she was also a writer. Under her pen name, Amy Lothrop, she published Dollars and Cents (1853), My Brother's Keeper (1855), and Stories of Vinegar Hill (1871).

Gardening was one of Anna Warner's favorite pastimes. She wrote Gardening By Myself, urging women to do their own gardening, in 1872.

She and her sister, Susan, taught Bible classes to West Point cadets for forty years. After Susan's death in 1885, Anna continued the tradition. She refused offers to sell Constitution Island to developers because she hoped it would one day become part of the West Point reservation.

In 1909, she published Susan Warner, a biography of her sister. When Anna died January 22, 1915, she was buried alongside her sister at West Point. Her tombstone has second verse of Jesus Loves Me inscribed on it.

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