Anna Faris is an actress. She has been in a few films. You probably only know her for the role she played in Scary Movie (Cindy Campbell the dark haired semi-geek girl). She would probably be a bigger star, but it seems that she is trying to put herself into a pair of shoes that just don't fit her correctly. Judging from recent pictures, it seems that Miss Faris is desperately trying to fit into the "hot blond" category (in her own words she "Wants to play someone who is a vixen"). But Hollywood has no shortage of those, and plenty of the ones that are already out there are both hotter and blonder (as in having naturally blond hair that actually looks right, as opposed to a die job that doesn't match their skin or eyebrows) than Anna will ever be. She is so much better suited to play the cute, dorky, little girl type roles that she played in both Scary Movie and its sequel. She just doesn't have what it takes to be the "hot chick" (at least not in my opinion), a theory that was proven by the fact that she auditioned for the "hot girl" role in Scary Movie ("Buffy Gilmore"), but was instead cast in the dork girl role ("Cindy Campbell").

Like many young female stars, Anna was pushed into acting by her parents at a relatively young age. She was born on November 29, 1976, and grew up in Seattle, Washington. She begin her acting career at the age of nine, with television commercials and some local theatre work (including some professional work with the Seattle Repertory Theater). She continued these minor gigs through high school, although she did have a very small role in a little watched 1991 TV movie called Deception: A Mother's Secret (a film that I have never seen, but can fully imagine just from the title alone).

Anna then went to the University of Washington, where she majored in English Literature. From there she moved to London. Now her degree in English Literature did not exactly give her a lot of career options (it is a nice subject to study, but its not like recruiters are busting down the doors of English Lit majors to offer them jobs). So she ended up taking roles in a few minor films (Skanks and Lovers Lane). She soon moved back to America (Los Angeles to be exact), to pursue an acting career here.

She soon landed a role in Scary Movie. In that film she played the part of "Cindy Campbell", who appeared to be a spoof on two different characters at the same time (Neve Campbell's character from Scream and Jennifer Love Hewitt's character from I Know what You Did Last Summer). Anna's character was different from both of these for one major reason, she was a complete and utter dork, and she played it so well. The completely disgusting (and very overdone) sex scenes she was in even further established her dorkiness (you have to see them to believe them, I do not care to describe them here).

After Scary Movie she reprised the same role in the sequel (which was of course titled "Scary Movie 2"). She then went on to appear in the film "May" (which seems to have gotten decent reviews, but I can't say that I have ever heard of it).

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