Kerri Green is an actress who enjoyed a brief bit of popularity in the 1980s. She is probably best remembered for her roles in Lucas and The Goonies.

She was born on January 14, 1967 in New Jersey (Fort Lee to be precise). During her young teen years she was active in gymnastics competitions, and went on to become a cheerleader. Her first stage experience was in eighth grade, where she played Woodstock in You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown at her Junior High School ("Woodstock" is the little yellow bird who always liked to hang around Snoopy, I am not quite sure how they managed to pull that off in a stage show).

She soon found herself in small roles on commercials and television shows, and did a bit of modeling. But she wasn't exactly a child star yet (in fact she was still working at Burger King right up until she auditioned for The Goonies).

The Goonies (1985)

In the summer of 1984 Kerri decided to skip summer camp, and try and find acting work instead. After some looking around she managed to get an audition for The Goonies (although it has been said that they were letting almost anyone audition, the kid who played "Chunk" didn't have a bit of acting experience). She managed to be cast in one of the few female roles in this male dominated movie, she got the part of Andrea "Andy" Carmichael, a generic cheerleader type who was dragged along with the rest of the cast in their search for One Eyed Willy.

Her character was an adorable combination of cute, scared, and anxious. She played her role well, but upon viewing this film again as an adult, I can see that she was totally upstaged by the (arguably) less attractive Martha Plimpton (but you really don't notice acting talent when you are twelve, and are looking at cute girls).

Her character (Andie), manages to become somewhat romantically entangled with three different boys in this movie (pretty impressive for an adventure film targeted to a thirteen year old demographic). She begins the film involved with Troy, ends it involved with Brandon, and somehow manages to mistakenly kiss his little brother Mikey as well (which, by the way, she really seemed to like).

She is mostly a supporting character in this film (Sean Austin and Corey Feldman got most of the screen time), but she did have one big scene that was entirely hers. That is the scene where she plays the bone piano, and saves everyone from falling to their death.

Summer Rental (1985)

Kerri went from her role in The Goonies, directly to her role in this film. Summer Rental was a comedy (Starring John Candy), and Kerri played the role of "Jennifer" (John Candy's daughter). Kerri did quite well in this film, but the movie wasn't really about her, and she was really overshadowed by being cast alongside several, more experienced performers.

Lucas (1986)

This was perhaps her finest role, and the last movie she made that was seen by large audiences,.

Lucas was the story of a young boy (Lucas, played by Corey Haim). He was a quiet, intelligent, and sensitive, and he showed all the traits of being a wonderful human being. This of course made him a complete outcast at his local high school. In fact, he didn't really have any friends at all, that is, he didn't have any friends until he met Maggie (Kerri Green).

Lucas first saw Maggie practicing tennis, he manages to speak to her, and they quickly become friends. They talk about all sorts of important things, and Lucas quickly falls in love with her. Soon the summer break is over, and they go back to school. Maggie gravitates toward the "popular" crowd, despite the fact that she had previously agreed with Lucas' claim that the system was corrupt. She falls for the football hero, and Lucas is heartbroken (why is it always the football hero in the movies?).

Kerri plays her role wonderfully. She seems to be a real person, and her character truly cares about Lucas (in fact so does Charlie Sheen's jock character). I could go on about her role in this movie for hours, but instead, I just suggest you watch the film yourself. Don't let me ruin it for you.

Three for the Road (1987)

This would be Kerri's last Hollywood film for many years, and unfortunately, it does not stand up to her other performances.

In Three for the Road she plays the daughter of a Senator who is being carted off to an institution by a couple of flunkies. This is your standard "road movie", but it does at least have a few twists to keep it sort of interesting. Her role in this movie was a bit different than in her other films, because in this one she played a girl who was quite the troublemaker. She gave a decent performance overall, but the movie simply isn't a great film (it didn't even turn a profit).

Blue Flame (1992)

Blue Flame was Kerri's last film as an actress. This is a science fiction film, where she plays an alien named Rain who was born out of the dream's of the movies protagonist.

I have purposely decided not to ever see this film. I can't say that I ever heard much anything about it. But I don't want to ruin my perfect mental image on an eighteen year old Kerri. Seing her in this role would do that, so I have opted out.

More Recently

Kerri recently wrote and directed a film called BellyFruit, which is about teenage pregnancy. It seems to have gotten decent reviews from the critics, but I cannot help but wonder why Kerri decided to try her hand at directing after giving up acting so long ago.

Kerri is (and always will be), one of my favorite teen actresses. Really just for her roles in Lucas, and The Goonies. Luckily she quit the acting business before putting out a long stream of bad movies. So she can be properly remembered as a great actress who was only in a few films, rather then a bad actress who was in a few good films when she was younger (a role so many teen stars seem to fall into after they grow up).

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